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“Mor Yong” pointed too early to “WHO”, summarizing the new name “smallpox monkey” as “Clade”.

by archyde

Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, a virologist specializing in virology It was quick to conclude that the World Health Organization named smallpox Clade, in principle the disease naming likely started with a “P” derived from the “POX” virus.

On August 16, Facebook “Yong Poovorawan” or Prof. Dr. Yong Poovorawan, head of the center specializes in clinical virology. Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University has posted a message It is too early to conclude that the World Health Organization named it “Clade”.

“The word “Clade” comes from the English word Clade, meaning a small group. For example, influenza A H1N1 viruses are subdivided into different clades. Likewise, when a species is divided by genotype, subgroups are clades that use letters and numbers, such as a, 1b, or A1, B1, B2.

So is smallpox. If the subgroup (clade) is a species of Central Africa and West Africa. The World Health Organization doesn’t want to use the word Africa more, so it uses the words clade A, clade B. Actually, it’s already used to name the coronavirus SARS CoV-2, but the disease name uses the word Covid-19 COVID-. 19 comes from the word Coronavirus disease by taking Co-Vi-D from Corona Virus Disease. The name still sees the outline of the disease and adds the number 19 because it was first found in 2019. In the future, there may be similar diseases. different numbers

naming the disease Originally using the name of the person who discovered it. use place name Like the Spanish flu, use host names such as chicken flu, swine flu, and to avoid stigma. or disgust emerging disease Therefore, the name will not be used. and come up with appropriate words

Likewise, smallpox is caused by a virus in the POX family. The name for this disease is likely to begin with a “P” rather than a clade, referring to a subgroup of viruses. Stay tuned for more.”

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