world Morales hides in Chapare, his main political stronghold, and...

Morales hides in Chapare, his main political stronghold, and denounces an arrest warrant against him


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Bolivia did not let electoral fraud take away its democracy. Hours later of having resigned from the presidency, after verifying a gigantic electoral manipulation, Evo Morales He denounced an arrest warrant against him allegedly in the hands of a police officer who was instructed to execute the order. He did not lack time to charge against the right that he has accused of "coup plotters" and "destroying the rule of law of the country."

The civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho, which after the events of recent weeks has jumped into the national political sphere, confirmed what the ex-president had already advanced: «Confirmed !! arrest warrant for Evo Morales !! The police and the military are looking for him in the Chapare, where he hid. The Military took away the presidential plane and is hidden in the Chapare, they go for it! ».

Evo, as his Bolivarian followers call him, takes refuge in Chapare one of the 16 provinces of the department of Cochabamba, a city located in the center of the country with a population of 393,408. It is an area par excellence coca and political bastion of Morales who gave his support to the growth and production of coca in the region. Yesterday from there he pointed out that several violent groups assaulted his home.

Camacho has asked the Bolivians to continue with the strikes and the measures of pressure for at least another two days so that the political stability of the country can be regained. He assures that there will be trials against Morales and other authorities of his Socialism Movement (MAS). The opposition candidate Carlos Mesa, on the other hand, with a more political and balanced profile urged the Police and the Armed Forces to "guarantee and preserve order throughout the territory" because of a significant risk of violent acts caused by the people of the MAS.

The alleged commission of electoral crimes on October 20 already has its first two victims, the Bolivian Police arrested the president on Sunday night and the vice president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Maria Eugenia Choque and Antonio Costas, after that both resigned their respective positions, joining the cascade of resignations of charges related to the Morales Executive. The arrest occurred following the orders issued by the Public Ministry, as indicated by the Bolivian news agency ABI.

As expected, a dozen senior officials have resigned, including the vice president, Álvaro García Linera, who did it with the same immediacy as the president of the Republic; the president of the Senate, Adriana Salvatierra; and the ministers of Mining, Sports, Hydrocraburos, Environment and Water, and Economy. This list is joined by deputies and deputy ministers of the Government.

Given the power vacuum in Bolivia, the Legislative power must redirect the country's direction. The 2009 Constitution stipulates that in the absence of the president, the president of the Senate will replace him in office. In case of impediment, will fall to the president of the Chamber of Deputies which must convene elections within 90 days.

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