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Morante falls in love with his barefoot naturalness and Perera pardons ‘Heredero’ in Latacunga




In the middle of the hail he received Veronica Morante de la Puebla to the first bull of Triana on his return to the Ecuadorian plaza of Latacunga. The rejoneador was scheduled to open the poster, but so that the ring would not get even worse, it was decided to open the matadors. Even so, the arena was in bad shape, and some junior got a scare.

Then, Morante gently premiered the task with a bull that, despite obeying, was defeating itself at times. At the natural moments arrived with emotion, with the Sevillian passing it very close, under the sounds of ‘Paquito el Chocolatero’ more typical of other celebrations. It was not bull to relax, but the one of La Puebla del Rio he put all his mastery over the quagmire between “cheers!” to Morante and Ecuador.

At the first, he skillfully caught a thrust. His disposition was rewarded with a standing ovation.

The rest of the bullfight was from the Huagrahuasi cattle ranch (House of the bull). ‘Rondeño’ was called the second, who stopped in the cape of Miguel Angel Perera. Ugly was the fight in rods, throwing the face up and leaving najas. The meek one hurt a lot in the punch and in flags, which seemed uncoordinated. Extremadura lengthened the onslaught at the beginning, consenting to it, but as soon as he pressed it more and felt he could, he got on the defensive, heading. Too extended his work, in which he managed to hold the animal. It punctured in the rain, with the slippery wheel. Barefoot, he left a deep prick. He had to fool around.

A cluster of veronica curdled Morante to the third. There was a clover of enormous depth, with the barefoot bullfighter on the wet earth. Beautiful the remove by chicuelinas, with Latacunga dazzled. Splendor in the sand in a wonderful prologue, fighting with everything. The open hat and bare feet. Superb the cigar maker in natural ones. And pure naturalness for both pythons of the good specimen. Pinwheels kneeling on the ground put the clasp. Crazy. While some asked for the pardon of ‘Mariposo’, Morante outlined to kill. He punctured, slipped and the bull gave him an ugly somersault, with a hard fall. El Fandi quickly jumped into the ring to help him. Tremendous scare. Almost average and crazy. Steel took a big prize. Return to the ring for the one in La Puebla and for the bull.

Idling the receipt Perera to the fourth, a noble and classy specimen, in which he began his work with the swing of the pendulum. The temple dominated the whole set, with passages in which ‘Heredero’ charged almost asleep and the Badajoz led the journey in slow motion. Crazy the square in intense series. The bullfighter enjoyed. And he enjoyed the square. Loved an endless change of hands. Miguel Ángel did everything in his perfect work until the orange scarf appeared, with the feast of the pardon to the bull. The maximum symbolic trophies walked the bullfighter.

The rejoneador closed the afternoon / night Alvaro Mejia, who premiered his performance with the horse ‘Fandiño’, in homage to the Basque hero. The dignified performance of the gentleman was marred by the pithing.

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