(more) Afternoon SET Index, plus more than 10 points

The Thai stock market in the afternoon rose more than 10 points, receiving strong buybacks of large stocks. After a sharp decline yesterday due to China’s debt panic problem. Evergrande The 2nd largest real estate company in China

At 2:35 p.m., the SET index was at 1614.08 points, an increase of 11.02 points (+0.69%).

At 2:57 p.m., the SET index was at 1617.42 points, an increase of 14.36 points (+0.90%).

Mr. Weerawat Wirotphoka, director of securities analysis at Finansia Syrus Securities, said the Thai stock market rose sharply from buybacks in large-cap stocks. In particular, AOT banks, energy groups and power plants are expected to be buying from institutional investors who sold a lot yesterday. After yesterday falling off the key support at 1600 points, today caused a technical rebound. Ever Grand’s debt problem had little impact on the Thai stock market. But yesterday, Panic was sold first and the European market opened up positively. and Down Jones futures positive as well. from worrying about Evergrande debt problems However, it still needs to be followed up.

Markets reverted to reopening in October after expected to vaccinate 70 percent of the population. Markets are aware that the Fed will cut QE in November.

Provide support at 1600 points, resistance at 1,620 points.


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