More and more women at the head of companies in the world

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A study published by the organization of young leaders YPO, the business daily Financial Times and UN Women reveals that there are more women in business in the world than five years ago.

The study by the Young President’s Organization (YPO), Financial Times and UN Women was conducted in 106 countries and received over 2,000 responses. Almost one in two female CEOs say they have had to overcome prejudices during their career, and it takes an average of two years longer for women than men to reach the top of the entrepreneurial pyramid.

There is, of course, more diversity within companies than before, but only 5% of general managers in the world are currently women. The situation is hardly more balanced in the United States, where only 6% of the 500 companies in the Standard and Poor’s index are headed by women.

There is a strong awareness, believes Xavier Mufraggi, CEO of YPO. But this is not enough. Yet methods exist to advance the number of women business leaders, including the practice of mentoring, which is already prevalent in the United States. The fact of setting up training against prejudices or promoting equal pay could also move the lines.


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