More concessions for job changes come into effect in Oman | more concessions for job changes Oman

Muscat: More concessions for local transfers of jobs have come into effect in Oman. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor Nasser Amir al-Husni said in a circular issued to the directors of the Ministry of Labor in all the governorates that they can switch to the new visa without the permission of the previous employer for five reasons. The circular clarifying the NOC rules for visa change was issued by the Under Secretary on July 29.

For reasons such as expiration of the worker’s work permit or termination of the contract registered with the Ministry of Labor, dismissal of the worker by the employer (documents of which must be produced by the worker), court order for change of service or dismissal of the worker, change of court order on the bankruptcy or termination of the company, and expiration of the employment contract. Says in the circular.


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