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The use of masks to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 has put obstacles in the non-verbal communication between the healthcare professional and their patients. Among the latter, there are many who prefer that doctors use face masks transparent to be able to see their faces, something that not only gives them more confidence but also a greater sense of closeness.

This follows from a study published in the Jama Network magazine which addresses the effect it has on patients that surgeons use transparent masks instead of the cloth ones. Of the 200 people who participated in it, the 72 percent he acknowledged that they preferred the toilets to make use of the former.

The same study, which was carried out by researchers at the University of North Carolina, indicates that 95 percent of the people who were seen by toilets who could see the face claimed to have received “understandable” explanations, The rate dropped to 78 percent among those who received medical care with the normal mask. The use of transparent masks also generated higher levels of empathy (99 vs. 85 percent) and confidence (94 versus 72 percent).

Reluctance of health professionals

“Masks are essential to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, there have been consequences in the surgeon-patient relationship”, Point out the authors of the study, who add that this essay constitutes a warning of the need to attend to the communication between both parties. “Health workers must be aware of the barrier created by covering the face and find ways to overcome it ”, they defend.

However, there is a certain reluctance on the part of health professionals to face this type of mask. According to the same study, 53 percent of the surgeons consulted stated that it is “unlikely” that they will opt for this mask.

On the other hand, the Nursing sector has been warning that many of the transparent mask models are not ready to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “They are not certified or approved in Spain and its use is not recommended unless it is strictly necessary for reasons why people need to show their expressiveness and be able to read lips ”, they explained to the Medical Office from the General Nursing Council.

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