More details on Bowser’s Fury

We had the right yesterday to a trailer who offered us some initial details on the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World.

Nintendo does it again today with a longer presentation that offers more details on the additional mode, Bowser’s Fury.

And details abound!

An open world

Super Mario 3D World, released in 2013, was in a way a sequel to Super Mario 3D Land released in 3DS.

We were presented with a host of small but linear 3D levels, a bit as if Mario and co were evolving on models.

Personally, I loved it (I even made it my game of the decade!), but the fact remains that fans of worlds more open to the Mario Odyssey were left unsatisfied.

Nintendo seem to want to respond to these criticisms with the addition of Bowser’s Fury, exclusive content to the Switch version.

Unravel new paw sibilities in super mario 3d world bowsers fury for  nintendo switch - Nintendo Official Site

Based on this morning’s presentation, Mario will be called upon to explore an archipelago of islands populated by cats.

Assisted by Bowser Jr, Mario will have to explore this open world to find Cat sprites, medallions that serve as a star here.

Periodically, Bowser will wake up and go out with powerful attacks, spewing hard-to-avoid flames and knocking deadly spikes from the sky. He will have to survive until his rage subsides and he goes back to sleep for a little while.

Giant Bowser debuts in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury trailer - CNETGiant Bowser debuts in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury trailer - CNET

It honestly feels like an interesting reinvention of the mechanics of the original game, somewhere between 3D World and Odyssey.

Other additions to the original game

Some minor additions to the original game were also announced. Players will be able to play in local co-op or online with their friends. A more than welcome addition to this multiplayer focused game.

The stamps of the Wii U version are also present, but without the Miiverse. This time, they will be used to decorate our images in photo mode, another addition of this Switch version.

I was looking for an excuse to redeem Super Mario 3D World, and I got it today!

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