More streptococcal infections: Health Agency warns of caution in severe cases

In Belgium, more and more people have been infected with streptococci for several months. The Flemish Health Agency draws attention to this on Wednesday.

While most of these cases are not serious and the pathogens will go away on their own after a while, there are also more serious illnesses that need urgent treatment, the agency said.

So-called invasive streptococcal infections can cause serious illnesses such as severe pneumonia and blood poisoning. Because of this and because there are more cases, people are asked to be vigilant, according to Flemish Health Agency spokesman Joris Moonens. Even if such cases are fortunately still rather rare.

Anyone who feels ill or has flu symptoms and sees no improvement after three days, but rather a deterioration, should please consult their family doctor, Moonens told the VRT.

Especially when the fever rises or you get short of breath. Because that could actually indicate a more severe streptococcal infection. Parents should look out for drowsiness, gray skin, and shortness of breath in sick children, among other things.

Boris Schmidt

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