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More than 100 pieces .. The story of the artist Samir Ghanem with a wig

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More than 100 pieces .. they are the number of “poems” owned by the late artist Samir Ghanem, “Samoura”, who kept laughing millions even a few days before his death, in his last appearance in a commercial advertisement with his daughter Amy last Ramadan.

Samir Ghanem concluded his announcement that Amy would give up his wit after she complained about her wit, saying: “You scratch me,” and he responds to her, “Khadi Di”, as if he is announcing the end of his career in a laughing comic style – as is his habit.

Despite the fact that “Samoura”, a great comedian, relied in all his work on his shorts and improvisation of stances, he witnessed during his career two stages of development, away from the shape of the body and its weight.

He was the long brown, in the trio of stage lights, despite his different form from the heroes of his time – he was not the owner of fine beautiful hair like Ahmed Ramzy or Rushdi Abaza, or the owner of curly hair like Imad Hamdi – but he managed to hijack the camera with his voice, performance and movements.

“Little on Love” was the first movie in which Samir Ghanem decided to wear a wig during his appearance with the artist Rushdie Abaza and Souad Hosni in 1966, while he was still young, as he was born in 1937, when he was 31 years old.

Samir Ghanem – may God have mercy on him – says, “When they asked me to act in the film, I tried to imitate Farid Shawqi, and I went to the makeup master to pick what suits me.”

55 years old, Samir Ghanem’s wig, as he did not abandon her in any of his meetings, and it was part of his cheerful personality.

Samir Ghanem’s artistic journey changed after the wig, as he became the handsome hero, so he set out to the world of cinema and television, the hero of artistic works, as he is the owner of a beautiful face and voice, with light blood and the distinctive look of his colorful and frilly shirts.

On his trip with the wig, “Ghanem” said, “When I traveled to America, in Hollywood, the wigs were beautiful.” He added, “I still have wigs that I have not worn yet.” They cut their hair.

The late artist added that the wig’s hair varies according to the material and shape, but the men’s wig is more expensive, and its price starts from 500 to 5000 dollars.

Samir Ghanem did not have a white wig, all of it was black, and the only one was gray. He wore it in the Sherbet Lawz series with the artist Yosra, even if he had a wig with fine or curly hair, short or long.


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