More than 12,000 “ PCR ” tests carried out since March

This did not fail to place hospitals and nursing staff under constant pressure. An epidemiological situation which will probably trigger “plan B” of the Department of Health and Population (DSP) which had planned to mobilize all health services except maternity and emergency rooms when daily contaminations exceed 114 cases. According to the communication unit of the health establishment of the EHU of Oran which informed us that more than 12,000 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests have been carried out since last March at the EHU of Oran as part of care for patients with Covid-19, including 5,000 declared positive, since the declaration of the pandemic in March, more than 23,000 Covid-19 consultations and 12,000 PCR tests have been recorded, including 5,000 positive were carried out, in addition to the 500 scans, also positive, it was indicated from the same source. It is therefore not surprising that the services dedicated to Covid-19 are saturated, as at the EHU or even at the CHUO which had to open new services for the hospitalization of patients. At Chtaïbo hospital, reserved for the most serious cases of Covid-19, 120 patients are taken care of, 90 of whom had to be placed on oxygen, as explained by the professor in charge of the unit Covid-19 of this establishment during its intervention on the local radio. She stressed that more and more patients arriving in this hospital (ie at least 5 per day) are often very seriously ill and that 32 patients were in intensive care. The Chtaïbo Hospital has also reserved a mother-child unit for pregnant women affected by the virus, who must stay there after childbirth for treatment. In terms of resources, it should be noted the existence of two special Covid-19 resuscitation services headed by the EHU, the first with 32 beds at the Hai Nedjma hospital and the other with 20 beds at the level of the EHU crèche, transformed into a Covid-19 center. Another unit is also dedicated to mentally ill patients positive for Covid-19 in the same structure of Chtaïbo where a psychiatrist from the psychiatric establishment of Sidi Chami has mobilized for the care of this category of patients very little mentioned until here.


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