“More than 120,000 jobs depend on the opening of ski resorts”

Tribune. On Thursday, October 29, the day after the announcement of the reconfinement by the President of the Republic, the Deux-Alpes and Tignes glaciers closed when they had just opened ten days earlier and were welcoming many practitioners (especially the autumn courses for young and old competitors). Unlike the first confinement, this closure does not occur at the end but at the start of a season with impacts that are far more complex for athletes and dramatic for the economy of the mountain.

However, the Alpine Skiing World Cup is not canceled. And to train, the members of the France team are already or will go to Austria, Italy, Sweden or Switzerland. How, in these countries also affected by the pandemic and being (apart from Sweden) also the subject of containment or semi-containment measures, is training possible? The question can be returned: why is this no longer possible in France?

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A response as epidermal as it is lapidary could be: “Because our texts are poorly thought out and do not take into account, in their usual Jacobin style, specificities. “ But this is precisely not the case because the texts, in this case the decree of October 29, 2020, allow the organization of training for professional skiers, high-level skiers, instructors and even schools.

The fall operation of glaciers

Article 4 of the decree (the one which restores the derogatory certificate) allows travel to the place of exercise of professional activity. Article 40 allows you to stay in a hotel with room service catering. Article 42 allows the reception in covered sports establishments or outdoor establishments of professional and high-level athletes, continuing education and / or compulsory training to maintain professional skills, or even school groups.

But above all, article 18 does not impose any closure on ski lift operators but only to ensure the distance according to the type of lift (wearing a mask is not mandatory on ski lifts and chairlifts with an empty space between two people). The various provisions of the decree thus allow the fall operation of the glaciers, the movement of groups of athletes, their accommodation and their catering.

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If the decree does not prohibit, the difficulty may be economic. The number of potential users would be too low to cushion the opening of the ski lifts and certain hotels? This form of self-censorship is difficult to understand. Everywhere in France, the activities that can continue strive to do so, even in “degraded mode”, by drastically adjusting the operating conditions because stopping may mean not starting over (many activities economy would see in a simple degraded mode a horizon which is clearer…).

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