world More than 20 degrees are measured in the Antarctic

More than 20 degrees are measured in the Antarctic


Location of the heat record: Argentina’s Antarctic base Marambio
Picture: dpa

For the first time, more than 20 degrees were measured in the Antarctic. The melting of the ice sheets has the potential to raise the sea level by dozens of meters in the long term. How much depends on political decisions.

ZImmaculate temperature in the Antarctic has never been seen before, not even in the southern hemisphere summer month of February: It is still not enough for a veritable heat wave at the South Pole, and yet global warming is hardly starting to mark the new year. In any case, January was again a record month globally: January has never been warmer since the start of temperature measurements. The American National Agency for Ocean and Atmospheric Research announced Thursday that it was 1.14 degrees Celsius above the mean of the 20th century. That was even four hundredths of a degree above the absolute heat record year of 2016, which at the time was additionally heated by the strong heat anomaly El Niño in the Pacific.

Joachim Müller-Jung

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However, it is not just the record values ​​that climate researchers and meteorologists use as evidence of climate change fueled by human hands. Scientists are convinced that the observation that the top ten of the warmest January months are all in this new century can no longer be explained by natural climate fluctuations.



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