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European nationals living in the United Kingdom who will not have filed before the 1is July a request for “settled status” In theory, they will lose the right to work in the country, to rent accommodation there or to benefit from the health system free of charge.

The deadline will not be extended, warned British Immigration Minister Kevin Foster: Europeans living in the UK have until midnight on Wednesday June 30 to apply for residence status. This despite the sudden increase in requests, estimated at more than 10,000 per day ”, report The Guardian, and while the French government for its part has just granted an additional three months to the British who want to obtain permanent residence in France.

5.6 million applications filed

The number of requests has suddenly increased in recent weeks “Up to more than 10,000 cases per day”, at point “saturate” the services of the British Home Office. “Some applicants find themselves stuck in online queues, others cannot access the helpdesk”, report The Guardian.

Of the 5.6 million applications filed to date (significantly more than the expected 3 million), nearly 350,000 have still not received a response from the Home Office – this may not come. “Before the end of summer”. A certificate should theoretically allow them to assert their rights – in particular to work, find accommodation and access the health system – as long as their file remains pending.

For the others – the tens of thousands of European nationals who will not have succeeded in making their request on time – Kevin Foster wants to be reassuring by promising that his ministry will be flexible: they will not see their social benefits withdrawn overnight, he stressed in particular. An indulgence that should only have a time, warns the newspaper.


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