More than 30,000 views for the video of a cyclist who kicks a little girl to be able to pass through the Fagnes: the father testifies

It was a walk with the whole family that is most normal, to enjoy the joys of the snow. Patrick Mpasa was far from imagining that she was going to end with a blow to the back for her little girl and a police complaint.

This Friday, December 25, Christmas day, the Verviers, his wife and their two children decide to go for a walk at Baraque Michel (commune of Jalhay). Around 3 p.m., they are walking on a small path in the middle of the snowy Fens when a cyclist arrives behind them. Apparently he sounds a horn or a doorbell, but the little girl doesn’t hear him. When he arrives behind her, the cyclist does not brake but… kicks the 5 year old girl on the back to force the passage! A surreal scene that Patrick filmed entirely with his smartphone.

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Since then, the video has made the “buzz” on the web. Many Internet users are outraged.

Find, on, the testimony of the father, who explains to us what happened
: “He replied” I honked the horn, you just have to move “”.

Patrick tells us how his daughter Neïa is doing


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