more than 36,000 deaths in one week, the heaviest toll since the start of the pandemic

Europe is the second worst hit area in the world by the pandemic with 400,649 deaths in total (for 17,606,370 infections), behind Latin America and the Caribbean (444,026 deaths, 12,825,500 cases).

More than 36,000 deaths have been recorded there in the last seven days (36,147), the heaviest toll in a week since the start of the pandemic.

In total, nearly two-thirds of the region’s deaths were reported in the United Kingdom (57,551 deaths, 1,589,301 infections), Italy (53,677, 1,538,217), France (51,914, 2,196,119), Spain (44,668, 1,628,208) and Russia (39,068, 2,242,633).


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