More than 40,000 checks were carried out on the market – Fines for those who mislead consumers – 2024-04-23 11:40:25

Over 40,000 controls have been carried out in the market resulting in large fines for businesses that mislead consumers, according to the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, who spoke to ANT1.

Kostas Skrekas emphasized that the controls on the market and the fines to the offenders continue without interruption, arguing that the controls and fines have paid off as it appears from the controls that there are fewer and fewer violations.

Regarding prices, the minister pointed out that the inflation in the “household basket” was lower than the general inflation, as it emerged from the investigation of the Competition Commission.

He also said that in the next few days the “Godfather’s Basket” and “Easter Basket” will be activated, which will include the lamb and the goat and the goal of the ministry is to have the price at 10 euros and lower. “We don’t want to limit the profit of the producers, we want to limit the profit margin of the intermediaries, this is the pressure on the chains, to keep the retail price at 10 euros and below, because these products must also be sold, otherwise they will there is a problem for the entire chain of production from the breeders upwards. Everyone has to cut their profits so consumers can make their purchases.”

Mr. Skrekas said that steps have been taken to address the accuracy and the battle continues, without anyone being able to say that the desired price reduction has occurred. He said however that “if you look at food inflation, in January it was 8.3% and in March it fell to 5.3%, by 40%. We have taken measures and they are starting to pay off such as in household cleaners and baby diapers where we have deflationary price trends. We are not going to be complacent. You saw that in the current we took measures and along the way they paid off”.

Finally, Mr. Skrekas referred to the upgraded e-katanalotis platform, where he noted that every consumer can take a photo from his mobile phone and write a report, send it and a trigger will be given to DIMEA for control. He pointed out that through the platform the consumer can create a shopping basket and compare prices in supermarket chains before going shopping.

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