More than 70% of cinemas in Spain will be closed this weekend

Some cinemas have closed for good. Others do it temporarily. In most of those that remain open, there are no sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays, the days in theory of least influx. Because this is the issue, the influx, and with the capacity reduced to 50%. Without major releases, or just minority films, people go less to the movies. The numbers have plummeted. But all companies, be they big chains or small cinemas, have the goal of resisting and waiting for a turn in the events caused by the pandemic.

Borja de Benito, head of communications at the Spanish Film Federation, provides general data on cinemas in the country: last weekend 44.5% were open, and this weekend is expected to be between 25 and 30%. “We face seventeen different types of rules depending on each community. The curfews are different, the gauges are measured by meters or percentages, from one week to another the regulations change “, he says.

“The levels of restrictions are so important that they make it difficult to sustain the activity. The fall of this January is greater than that of the whole of 2020 “, says Camilo Tarrazón, president of Gremi de Cinemes de Catalunya.

The figures he gives are terrible. In January last year, 1,350,000 spectators were registered in all cinemas in Catalonia. In January 2021 it will not reach 350,000, one million less. Another devastating comparison: 1,795,000 was the number of Catalan spectators in December 2019, up from 344,994 in December 2020. Last year, spectator attendance in Catalonia fell by 73.6%. For all this, Tarrazón says that the decision of these temporary closures had to be taken already, although he remarks that there is another important news, that of the rooms that remain open.

The Truffaut cinema, the Palafrugell cinema and the capital’s Ocine cinema are still open in Girona, in this case, not all week.

On the other hand, the chain has temporarily closed the cinemas in Blanes and Platja d’Aro, as have the cinemas in Figueres, Olot, Roses and Salt.


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