More than 700 violations: Massive violations of law by Amazon deliverers

The current issue of the news magazine “profil” reports on the results of the financial police’s investigation into logistics companies that deliver parcels for Amazon in Vienna. After a raid on the Amazon distribution center in Großebersdorf in February 2020, the financiers found 133 parcel companies – twelve of them have or had a direct contract with Amazon, the remaining companies work as subcontractors.

Only three of the companies checked were clean, the financial police found violations in 130 companies: 468 violations of the Social Insurance Act, 144 of the Unemployment Insurance Act, 96 cases of social benefit fraud, twelve violations of the Aliens Employment Act, three violations of the Wage and Social Dumping Act and a violation of the trade regulations.

Penalties of 770,000 euros

In the administrative criminal proceedings against the companies, the financial police applied for penalties totaling almost 770,000 euros, seized claims amounting to 325,000 euros and was able to secure around 88,000 euros in unpaid taxes and duties. “I don’t remember any inspection where we encountered so many violations of the law. This is unique, “said Finance Police chief Wilfried Lehner to” profile “.

“Unfair Competition”

Although no misconduct was found at Amazon itself, Treasury Secretary Gernot Blümel called on the US online group as a client: “The corporate responsibility does not end at the loading ramp,” said the minister to “profil”: “We are vehemently against systemic attempts that aim to undermine fair competition. “

Amazon announced two logistics partners

Amazon stated in a written statement to “profil”: “We have high demands on our delivery partners and we expect them to adhere to the applicable laws and the code of conduct for Amazon suppliers, which focuses on fair wages, social benefits, reasonable working hours and Remuneration sets. “Amazon has implemented new measures, such as” daily ID checks for deliverers “and a” new technology that helps our partners to record the working hours of their deliverers “. The company “continues to work closely with the authorities and support them in their investigations”.

The contract with two logistics partners was terminated as a result of the raid.

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