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Original title: Forest fire fighting in Chayu County, Tibet is underway, and more than 800 people have been put into the rescue

As of 16:00 on October 28, more than 800 firefighters, 3,843 rescue equipment (pieces), and 129 shadow operation vehicles and fire rescue vehicles were deployed at the forest fire site in Chayu County, Linzhi City, Tibet. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, and the area of ​​the fire is being counted. There are no important facilities and no casualties around the fire site.

At about 12:50 on October 27, a forest fire broke out in Kongdang Village, Zhuwagen Town, Chayu County, Linzhi City, Tibet. The fire site is located on the top of the mountain opposite the Chayu River in Kongdang Village. The fire site has an altitude of 2400 meters to 3,500 meters, the slope of the fire site is 60°~70°, and the vegetation is mainly fir. There are 2 villages within 3 kilometers of the surrounding area. Among them, Sangjiu Village has 10 households with 60 people, a distance of 2 kilometers; in Kongdang Village, 119 households have 493 people, a distance of 3 kilometers. There is a farmland barrier between the village and the forest. A total of 49 people from 10 households in the Jiada Group of Sangjiu Village, about 1 km away from the fire site (the house structure is a brick-concrete structure), have been moved to a safe area, and the rest are ready to move at any time.

As of 16:00 on October 28th, a total of more than 800 firefighters have been put into the fire scene, 3843 rescue equipment (pieces) such as pumps, hoses, fire extinguishers, choppers, chainsaws, etc. have been deployed, and 129 vehicles such as shadow operation vehicles and fire rescue vehicles have been dispatched. , 1 portable weather observation station, 1 unmanned aerial vehicle, 90 walkie-talkies, 4 satellite phones, 5 on-site command tents, and the on-site command and dispatch platform has been put into use. 110 people from the special service brigade of the Tibet Forest Fire Fighting Corps and 90 people from the Qamdo Forest Fire Fighting Brigade have arrived at the fire site on standby.

At present, Tibet is strengthening dispatching, consultation, research and judgment, strengthening emergency command, preparing for extreme situations, and deploying rescue personnel. If conditions permit, quickly organize forces to carry out rescue work, strive to extinguish fires as soon as possible, and ensure that the people The safety of people’s lives and property.

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