More than a hundred arrests at Corona demo in Berlin

BDuring the protests against the Corona policy in Berlin, more than a hundred people have been arrested so far, according to the police. A spokeswoman for the authority said on Wednesday that it was in the three-digit range, including cases of shorter freedom restrictions. A balance sheet was not expected before Thursday.

The police are currently trying to move slowly with water cannons to free the space in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the spokeswoman said. The demonstrators are “absolutely persistent”. The resolution of the protest takes time, since children are also on site. “It’s only going slowly, not martially.”

In the afternoon, the protest apparently began to slowly dissipate. Little by little, people left the gathering in the direction of Potsdamer Platz. Some of them were wet from the spray from the water cannons. Some had red, watery eyes from the spray of pepper spray.

Previously, further water cannons had driven from the direction of the Victory Column in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate, so that a total of five water cannons were on site. The water jet was directed diagonally over the crowd. This slowly receded, meter by meter.


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