more than an hour in line to reach the Signal de Botrange and the Baraque Michel!

“Catastrophic situation in the Fagnes. More than an hour of queues to reach Botrange / Baraque Michel. It is best to avoid the area. “Here is the message communicated by the Fagnes police zone this Saturday, December 26 at the beginning of the afternoon.

This news is not, strictly speaking, surprising. Already this Friday, Christmas day, there were a lot of people in the Fagnes. The parking lots at Mont Rigi and Baraque Michel, for example, were full, cars were parked along the national road. (PHOTOS) We met a lot of walkers – many speaking Dutch – in the fens, eager to take advantage of their holidays to clear the mind, while all the places of exit are closed because of Covid.-19

► L’incivility of certain walkers denounced: “Let us preserve as much as possible this nature reserve. »

The authorities fear the worst for this Sunday.


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