[More than blanching]Weak market conditions also have prey-Guan Zhuozhao| Apple Daily

Recently, the market turnover has decreased significantly, and the 10-day, 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day moving averages of the Hang Seng Index have been buried together. It seems that the Hong Kong stock market has a downward trend. However, the weak index trend does not mean that there is no prey. As long as everyone pays attention to the market’s hand shadows and dynamics, I believe it will not be difficult to find good stocks to speculate.

The epidemic situation in Europe has improved significantly recently. The author’s love stock Samsonite (1910) has suddenly shown strength in the past three weeks. Judging from the daily chart, Samsonite’s stock price has risen by 40% within a month, and Wednesday’s closing price hit a new one-year high, indicating that this stock, which has benefited from the economic recovery, has entered a relatively rapid upward trend. Investors who buy Samsonite in the near future can continue to buy goods. The short-term target is 20 yuan.

Another stock market, Sihuan Pharmaceutical (460), has made a lot of recent moves. In addition to continuously expanding its medical beauty product line, several drugs affiliated to its group have also been approved for clinical trials. From the perspective of the group’s development, medical aesthetics will be the new driving force for its profit engine, but the business of researching and developing drugs will continue to be maintained. For Sihuan, this can consolidate the long-term development of the group and benefit the stock price increase.

At the moment, the author is most worried about the failure of the mainland stock market to show a breakthrough, which will stifle the trend of Hong Kong stocks. In addition, the U.S. Fed’s use of reverse repurchase has reached a new high, reflecting that the U.S. banking system has been flooded and it is difficult to absorb the liquidity created by more volume. It seems that everyone must be psychologically prepared. The Fed will reduce it before the end of the year. I bought a debt.

Guan Zhuozhao



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