More than half of adults want to be vaccinated

More than half of adults in Switzerland (56%) want ‘definitely’ or ‘rather’ to be vaccinated, according to a poll published by the Blick on Saturday. The Romans and young people are the most critical of vaccination.

Among 18-34 year olds, 48% say they want ‘definitely’ or ‘rather’ to be vaccinated, according to the survey carried out by the Link polling institute, which interviewed 1,172 people in early March. This rate rises to 55% for 35-50 year olds and 73% for people aged 51 to 79.

Differences emerge between linguistic regions. Less than a quarter of people (23%) surveyed in French-speaking Switzerland want to be vaccinated. Against 41% in Ticino and 43% in German-speaking Switzerland.

The majority of the population is in favor of the strategy of the vaccination campaign according to which very old at risk patients must have access first. The idea of ​​making vaccination compulsory for nursing staff is less well received: 48% do not want it. But 38% are in favor.

Young people get tested more

In terms of testing, the survey reveals that 45% of 18-34s have already been tested for Covid-19 at least once. This share drops to 40% among 35-50 year olds and to 30% among 51-79 year olds.

On the subject of a future return to normal life, only about one in three people can imagine this is possible before fall. Half of the respondents doubt it.



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