More than half of employees work without a contract

More than half of employees (55.1%) do not have any contract formalizing their relationship with the employer, indicates the HCP in its new indicators on the labor market. This proportion remains virtually unchanged from the third quarter of 2019 (55.2%).

The proportion of employees who have a permanent contract is only 25.6%, while 11.8% have a fixed-term contract and 6.2% have a verbal contract with their employer. According to the HCP, the proportion of employees without any contract stands at 40.5% among women and 58.4% among men.

In the third quarter of 2019, these shares stood at 41.3% and 58.7% respectively. In addition, the category most affected by work without a contract remains the 15-29 year-olds and non-graduates: 63.4% and 72.8% respectively.


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