More than ten Peugeot stolen on order in France, delivered to Dakar

Seven men, aged 16 to 44, were indicted in early September in Créteil, in the prefecture of Val-de-Marne. They are suspected of having, for two months, stolen, in the Paris region, twelve Peugeot 2008 and 3008 which were then exported to Dakar and Abidjan. This, via the port of Le Havre. The amount of the damage would amount to approximately 300,000 euros, informs “Le Parisien”.

The members of this network were arrested on August 31 and July 1, in Pontault-Combault, Nangis and Fontenay-sous-Bois by investigators from the Paris banditry repression brigade. They were able to get their hands on a diagnostic device, blank starter keys, and cash.

The criminals, who always proceeded in the same way, operated at night in the Val-de-Marne and drove a Clio. Knowing the target models perfectly, they folded the door and started the cars with an electronic device. The vehicles are then stored on the street. A way for thugs to ensure that cars are not equipped with a GPS tracker.

The investigators discover several stolen cars which they equip with beacons in order to follow their progress. What emerged from the police investigation reveals that the stolen cars are taken to a rogue mechanic in Maison-Rouge where they are made up in a farmhouse. Their accomplice is a 36-year-old Moroccan. The 2008 and 3008, which are stolen on order, are then loaded into sealed containers and taken to the port of Le Havre before being delivered to Dakar or Abidjan.


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