Morelia in the mouth. Michoacán in Tlaxcala, fusion of flavors

The taste of Michoacán cuisine with the participation of the chef Lucero Soto and the traditional cook, Juana Bravoarrived this weekend in Tlaxcala, as part of the tour that Morelia en boca takes, the International Festival of Gastronomy and Wine of Mexico through the country, to project the richness of its flavors and culinary traditions.

Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera.

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Photo: Adriana Jiménez Rivera.

Chefs Francisco Molina from the Evoka restaurant in Apizaco and Erick Morales from the Xoletongo restaurant in Nanacamilpa were the hosts and the ones who opened their kitchens to exchange techniques and knowledge.

The first appointment was at Evoka, where chef Francisco welcomed Morelia in his mouth to maintain the philosophy that distinguishes the festival, as chef Lucero shared with MILLENNIUM.

“LThe most important aspect of this event is its intention to bring Michoacán cuisine closer to all of Mexico, today bringing the flavors of Michoacán to Tlaxcala, we come with the master cook, Juana Bravo, whose knowledge has been recognized in various parts of the world.”, specified the chef when speaking of the cook whose seasoning has reached Paris, Africa, Canada and the United States.

In Evoka’s kitchen the movement increases, which indicates that it is almost time to serve the proposal, in which the Michoacán and Tlaxcalteca have merged their sensibility.

“First we will serve as a snack a sopecito with basil avocado sauce and caramelized jamaica; We continue with an Uchepo that Juanita made with cheese sauce that has smoked trout, basil and cilantro and mint dressing”, continues the chef, who highlights that the dish “speaks of the history of Michoacán, which is to tell how when you arrive, just like it happens in Tlaxcala, you see the rain that bathes beautiful landscapes, where you can see small bonfires and where the smoke that appears says: ‘welcome home’”.

And he continues explaining his menu “We continue with a Pork Belly, with sweet potato puree and a seed chanduka that the master cook made,” he says before continuing with the dessert, inspired by Juanita’s childhood experience.

“We finished with a corn, wheat and piloncillo dessert that Juanita ate as a child, and that we accompanied with avocado, mamey, white chocolate and macadamia. So we bring fruits, flowers from Michoacán in our proposal, in which, of course, avocado cannot be missing, ”she says and immediately goes to the kitchen to start the service.

Xoletongo, family reunion

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The second headquarters of Morelia in Boca in Tlaxcala was Xoletongo; there from 7 in the morning, the Chef Erick Morales started the job.

Accompanied by his work team, he prepared the work tools so that the brunch it was ready at noon in front of a view, in which the green of the cornfields stole the attention of the diners in the open-air restaurant; Well, the headquarters of his restaurant “is in the town, because here is the place for family gatherings,” he said to MILLENNIUM.

And since one of the hallmarks of the festival is that chefs share their knowledge, the host chef set up a special station for Juanita. There she took care of the tamales, corundas and tamarind atole; while inside, he and chef Francisco They took care of the rest of the proposal, in which charro seafood beans and tongue tacos stood out.

After asking “how was the kitchen that we set up for you, Juanita?” to the guest cook, the host chef shared her excitement at having such a character in her kitchen.

“We are very happy that Juanita has come, because it is a pride that a cook reaches as high as she has achieved; Well, we really like traditional cuisine, so part of our cooking concept is based on using traditional techniques and utensils,” said the chef, who left his accounting profession to follow the legacy of his grandmother Trini Briones, and his mother , Norma Muñoz, in that passion they have for cooking and it is perceived in the palate.

“I said I’m going to take a gap year and this is already the seventh,” shared the chef, who added: “I am excited to share where I grew up and where I was educated, because we have the education of working in the fields, of being inside the milpa, among magueyes, drinking pulque, mezcal and sharing moles. That is why I am very happy that Morelia in Boca is here, in such a beautiful setting, where Tlaxcala is emphasizing that culture, where gastronomy and its tourist geography, go beyond the large haciendas, because we also have beautiful landscapes. , which are corn, maguey and forests”, he emphasized before starting the service, which began with coffee, pulque bread and piglets, prepared by chef Lucero, who due to an emergency, could no longer attend Xoletongo.

Menu in Xoletongo


  • Chorundo with wild mushrooms and five-cornered corunda.
  • Two-color chubby with ranch egg and avocado xanduca.
  • Tamarind atole with flour tamale.
  • Uruapan chocolate with piloncillo pigs.
  • Corn crackers with pot coffee.


  • Charro seafood beans.
  • Flutes stuffed with Mexican tongue.
  • Tlacoyo huamantleco of green bean with black corn.
  • Ximbote.
  • canyon water
  • Basket tacos.
  • Pairing: Casa Madero.


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