Morelia. Moving trucks will depart Monday or Tuesday to Mazatlán

Part of the history of Monarchs Morelia has been boarding the trucks from the moving company that will take the franchise to its new headquarters, and it will be between monday and tuesday when the convoy departs with final destination: Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Amid protests From some followers of the Purépecha painting, the company in charge of taking things to the new headquarters plans to not go out to Sinaloa this weekend, according to a source close to Halftime.

While the 9 moving trucks rest on the grounds of the Morelos Stadium, inside club staff began to separate the urgent items go in this first round where the gym, massage tables, props, balls, as well as material to work on the court.

Everything has been arranged in an exquisite way to avoid damage to the things that will have to be used in Mazatlán.

Upon seeing the arrival of the trucks, a group of 10 to 20 Morelia fans demonstrated outside the Morelos Stadium, who asked to respect the history of the club and not to move to Sinaloa, something that already seems too late.

While the protests continue and the move continues inside the stadium, the Red and Yellow squad is on vacation and at first they were warned to report on June 8, which would already occur in Mazatlán.

So far the Purépecha directive has not made the team’s departure from Michoacán territory official, but this will be a matter of days, since the franchise has a new name and headquarters.


Until close to midnight, a group of Monarchy fans they were kept at the entrances to the stadium, blocking possible exits for trailers that already have furniture from the Morelia building.

With rags, bass drums and chants, about 30 people stood guard in the vicinity of the Morelos.

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