Morning emotions: Students returning to school after a break need training

07:34 AM

Sunday 24 October 2021

Awatef Al-Sabah, a mental health consultant, said that life is starting to return to normal. After easing Corona restrictions in most countries of the world, and this matter needs psychological preparation; Since everyone has long been accustomed to working from home.

Al-Sabah added that the students’ return to school after a long break needs some kind of training. Because our children are accustomed to being at home for two years, and they should not be pressured and be patient with some of their behavior, especially if they sometimes refuse to go, stressing that it is like accustoming your son to something new for the first time.

The mental health consultant explained that the matter for adults is not different, and they should update themselves, that the world was going through an exceptional period and it ended, and any negative thoughts should be avoided.

And Al-Sabah continued, that studying for children should return as it was before Corona, but gradually, as the sudden great pressure is counterproductive, stressing that the whole world is heading to deal with Corona like the flu, and therefore all things must return to what they were.

And the mental health consultant concluded, that Corona has become a part of our lives; So we must get used to the precautionary measures, and not neglect them, especially with children.​


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