Morning – People 65 years of age and over can use AstraZeneca vaccine

The anti-l-CovId vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca has obtained authorization for use, with no age limit at 65, by the European Medicines Agency and the Health Authorities of several countries. This is what the Ministry of Health said on Thursday in a press release. reporting the opinion of the Adhoc National Scientific Committee for the development of the vaccine strategy against Sars-Cov-2

“The phase 3 clinical trial of this vaccine includes a subgroup of people over 65 years of age, among whom 687 people have received the vaccine, 4 of whom have developed Covid-19 and 666 people in the control group, 7 of whom have developed the Covid-19 “, notes the press release. And to add that to To date, the data from this clinical trial do not allow conclusions to be drawn regarding the exclusion of this age group from beneficiaries of this vaccine “.
In addition, the ministry indicated that protection is expected for this age group, given that high seroconversion rates have been observed in adults over 65 years after the first dose (97.8%) and the second dose (100%).

Regarding the safety of this vaccine, published data show that the reported side effects are generally milder and less frequent in people over 65 years of age, compared to younger people, it is observed.


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