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Moroccan Jewish community in Mexico commemorates Hanukkah

The Moroccan Jewish community in Mexico commemorated this Tuesday the Jewish holiday of “Hanukkah”, one of the most important celebrations of Judaism. Invited to this ceremony, the Moroccan ambassador to Mexico, Abdelfattah Lebbar, highlighted the “exceptional relationship” that this community maintains with its country of origin.

The Moroccan Jewish community in Mexico maintains “an exceptional relationship” with its country of origin which allows it to nurture an unwavering “sense of belonging”, he said, stressing “the undeniable influence of Moroccan Jews on Moroccan customs, culture and identity ”.

A press release from the Moroccan embassy in Mexico, further indicates that the diplomat also recalled “the attachment of this indivisible component of Moroccan society to its country of origin, the foundations of which plunge into the millennial history of its presence in Morocco dating back more than 2000 years ”.

Insisting on this feeling of belonging of Moroccan Jews, he noted that they “spare no effort to regularly visit Morocco, their country of origin and land of their saints”.

For his part, the Israeli Ambassador to Mexico City, Zvi Tal, welcomed the holding of this celebration at the Moroccan Embassy, ​​which attests to the importance that the Kingdom attaches to this holiday and to the traditions and Jewish customs.

For his part, Rabbi Asher Zrihen, a native of Larache, underlined the weight of the Jewish community of Moroccan origin in Israel, “the number of which is close to one million”, making it the largest community in the country.

Rabbi Zrihen expressed his great joy in celebrating “Hanukkah at the Embassy of my country, Morocco”.

Besides Rabbi Asher Zrihen and Zvi Tal, the celebration of Hanukkah at the Moroccan Embassy took place in the presence of the president of the Association of Moroccan Jews in Mexico, Moises Amselem El Baz, as well as several businessmen. and representatives of the Moroccan Jewish community in this country.

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