Morocco has never ceased to promote human, social and economic development in its Saharan provinces

In its Saharan provinces as elsewhere throughout its national territory, the Kingdom has never ceased to promote human, social and economic development, with the same civic commitment, the same humanist fervor, and the same patriotic determination, Moroccan Ambassador to South Africa Youssef Amrani said on Tuesday. “More than an error of judgment, the perfidious idea of ​​a so-called exploitation of natural resources by the Kingdom in the Saharan provinces is a blind dogmatism having for only basis ignorance, for only substance denial and the only essence is partiality, “said Youssef Amrani in a new video clip. This is the 6th video sequence in a series of eight thematic capsules launched by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Pretoria as part of its communication campaign entitled “Between myths and realities: understanding the regional dispute around the Sahara “. In this new capsule, Youssef Amrani returns to the fundamentals of a reality that some would like to hide, distort and disguise in the name of a primary and unfounded adversity towards the territorial integrity of Morocco, noting that “the Morocco has a just cause, a responsible approach and a legitimate ambition “. From the outset, the observation is made: “The exploitation of natural resources in the Sahara can in no way be akin to a pecuniary or self-interested approach, as it is the result of an ambition to develop for the benefit of local populations with their participation and in the right lineage of their interests “, underlined Youssef Amrani. Both facts and figures demonstrate this acutely, he said, recalling that the central government has invested seven times the resources generated by this exploitation. “Today, modernization, industrialization and economic integration are the linchpins of growth in the southern region”, continued the diplomat. In this sense, the video sequence highlights the tireless and unconditional efforts made by the Kingdom in recent decades to promote the local economy, consolidate social cohesion and fight against poverty. “The purpose of this sovereign and democratic process is that of effective prosperity which is blooming throughout the national territory and for the benefit of all our fellow citizens,” insisted Youssef Amrani. “Morocco is comforted in its choices, its strategies and its visions”, supported the ambassador, noting that the observation is such that the benefits of this national approach lead to results which could not be more remarkable as the Saharan provinces have known. real and profound economic and social progress. The impetus for this breath of prosperity is that of a holistic approach which places the interest, the benefit and the well-being of local populations at the heart of the priorities, he insisted. Youssef Amrani underlined, moreover, that the elected bodies in the regions, have the competence and the total ability to democratically manage and budget their respective affairs. Increased powers have been granted to them, through the constitution and through national laws, particularly in terms of the management of local natural resources, he explained, ensuring that the main objective of the proximity policy carried out in the region is to provide direct benefits to local people. “In accordance with this policy and in the wake of international legality still observed by the Kingdom, the European Union, one of our main partners, approved in 2019 the revision of two UEMaroc trade agreements relating to agriculture and fishing, ”the ambassador said. In the same vein, it is explained in this capsule that at the heart of the new development model for the southern provinces is rooted respect for human rights. Youssef Amrani said that the participatory and inclusive nature of this same model is all the more fundamental as civil society and the various elected officials and local stakeholders have been invited to shape and guide this process in collaboration, listening and sharing. Many new initiatives and an anthology of structuring projects and protecting the environment have emerged in the region with the same perspective of promoting modernity and local development, he noted. He said that the landscape of the southern provinces has been fundamentally upset thanks to the establishment, among other things, of roads, electrification, the construction of airports, new homes, increase in educational networks and a seawater desalination and waste treatment center. Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, it is the democratic choices and the destiny of the Nation which are interwoven in the complementarities and osmosis of a model of coherence, he stressed. The diplomat concluded that with participation rates in regional elections that would make the oldest of democracies pale, the southern provinces thrive in patriotic attachment to a Moroccan identity cherished, honored and endlessly claimed with pride and conviction.


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