Morocco has taken a big step thanks to the Covid-19

En this era of Covid-19, digitization is taking place in every sector of activity, every department of an organization. This transformation requires technological, organizational and regulatory changes that all companies must face.

Gathered in a webinar initiated by the Caisse de dépôt et de gestion (CDG), the speakers discussed the “Challenges of the digital transformation for Morocco in post-Covid-19”.

The webinar participants, Saloua Karkari-Belkeziz, President GFI Africa, Aayla Ghouli, PSIDM Director at BMCI, Mehdi Kettani, CEO at DXC, Salah Baina, Transformation Facilitator, Researcher and Teacher, Hicham Iraki Housseini, French-Speaking Africa DG at Microsoft , in addition to the moderator Aziz Boucetta, Panorapost director, have looked to the future of the Moroccan company to try to respond to the contributions of new technologies during this health crisis.

All agreed on the fact that companies, from small businesses to large companies, including administrations and public services, have made a huge leap in digitalization during this health crisis.

Saloua Karkari-Belkeziz, for his part, emphasized the inflexibility of administrative regulations, particularly at the legislative level, as well as the issue of transparency, as obstacles to the transition to digital. The former president of Apebi stressed that this transformation brings great opportunities for job creation.

For the banker Aayla Ghouli, “This crisis has accelerated the need for digitization in the banking sector. Recent studies carried out in this direction have shown that a large majority of Moroccans are connected, which has given a boost to this digitization imposed by current circumstances ”.

For the CEO of DXC, it’s not just paperless. This is a transformation of a whole process of exchange between companies and their customers.
Regarding teleworking, Mehdi Kettani stressed that this hybrid mode would no longer be possible for the years to come and must undergo considerable changes as quickly as possible.

“Companies, and in particular SMEs, have the possibility of making a ‘jump’ through new technologies and cloud computing accessible today to everyone. However, we still see a certain hesitation on the part of companies, but also of the government vis-à-vis the cloud ”, underlines Hicham Iraki Housseni.


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