Mortality in Israel continues to rise, contrary to what the Parisian says

In Israel, Covid19 mortality is not zero, but on the contrary broke its record on January 26!

Media campaign glorifying Israel’s vaccination campaign without addressing the development of the epidemic [1] forces us to come back to the subject of contaminations and mortality in Israel concomitant with vaccination so that our readers benefit from balanced information.

False information

A Parisian article signed J. Cl. particularly challenged me by affirming: ” Zero, zero. In the past 24 hours, Israel has not counted any new contamination and no new deaths from the coronavirus. Who could have informed him so badly? Was deceived by a Pfizer employee? He should have checked his information perfectly incompatible with the figures for the previous ten days recalled below [3]. This is particularly serious because the television stations broadcast this same message, probably trusting him.

In no epidemic in old or recent history has there been a total drop in contamination from 4492 to zero in one day, or from 79 deaths to 0. The implausibility of these data should have challenged him and justified a verification, golden rule for investigative journalists.

A risky bet

The Israeli government has achieved the feat of vaccinating nearly 3 million of its citizens in five weeks, but was it right to turn them so quickly into guinea pigs?

From a scientific point of view, it’s fascinating because it is a phase 3 therapeutic trial of unparalleled scale that will provide answers to questions that Pfizer has not answered through its botched trials.

But from an ethical and medical point of view, it is very questionable. The World Medical Association in the Declaration of Helsinki recalling the lessons of Nuremberg states that an experimental treatment [4] should only be administered if it is likely to render a personal service to the person who receives it after fair information.

However, among those under 45 without comorbidity, which represents 70% of Israelis, the benefit-risk balance can only be unfavorable. ; in fact, at this age the natural risk of the disease is minimal, although serious complications, in particular allergic, have been observed and we still do not know whether the vaccine is capable of preventing contamination, or whether it is capable of reducing mortality. Close monitoring of the epidemic by scrutinizing the incidence of contamination and mortality after vaccination is therefore essential.

And at the elderly at risk (which are extremely poorly represented in the trials) the risks of serious vaccine complications were highlighted by the alert recently launched by the Norwegian health agency [5].

It’s hard to be Cassandra [6]

The worrying development of the epidemic observed since the vaccination, according to data published by the WHO, led me to sound the alarm [7], widely criticized in the media and quickly drowned in a slew of articles extolling the success of this vaccination based on antibody levels or the favorable evolution of particular small groups. And these journalists did not appear to be interested in the evolution of the epidemic on the whole population. However, the aim of a vaccination campaign is to prevent the transmission of the disease and to reduce mortality in the population. These two criteria are the only relevant ones.

Since vaccination, according to WHO [8], daily incidence and mortality soared with a incidence of new cases increased from 2792 on December 20 to 4924 on January 25 and daily mortality increased from 18 on December 20 to 69 on 26/1 thus establishing the absolute monthly record (more than 1000 deaths in one month [9]) and daily (69) since the start of the epidemic.

Why are the media, always quick to disseminate press releases from the communication services of firms, no longer interested in the objective facts published by the WHO? Do they spontaneously censor themselves or do they give in to outside pressure?

Of course, it cannot be said for the moment that vaccination alone is responsible for this outbreak of the disease. For the moment, this is only a temporal correlation, but a strong alarm signal.

After reviewing the file submitted to the FDA, Peter Doshi, researcher on pharmaceutical health services at the University of Maryland believes[10] : « the actual efficiency is much lower than that claimed so far, well below the 50% efficiency threshold set by regulatory authorities for approval”.

However, the risk of such an outbreak after the first injection of the Pfizer vaccine was precisely underlined by a press release from the Academy of Medicine on January 11. [11] :

“In the current context of epidemic upsurge, it is the persistence of a low, or even insufficient, immunity rate during the additional weeks preceding the second injection that must be taken into consideration. The individual risk of aggravation by “facilitating antibodies should be considered when the infection occurs in a person with a low level of neutralizing antibodies”.

This same press release also drew attention to the risk of favoring variants :

“On a collective level, obtaining an extended vaccination coverage, but weakened by a low level of immunity, constitutes a favorable ground for selecting the emergence of one or more variants escaping the immunity induced by the vaccination ”.

We sincerely hope that our fears over this dramatic worsening of the epidemic since the vaccination do not herald a vaccine disaster and that after the second injection, things will improve for our Israeli friends by the reduction of the contaminations and mortality curves.

But this case shows that it is dangerous to play the sorcerer’s apprentice and accelerate the releases to the market at the expense of health security.

[3] Table choose the desired country, here number of cases in Israel

[4] Currently anticovid vaccines do not represent treatments validated by science because the full final results have not been published

[5] Covid-19: the Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths and side effects of the vaccine France info 01/16/2021

[6] Cassandre, beloved of Apollo, had received the gift of prophecy as a gift; but when she left him, unable to withdraw her clairvoyance, Apollo took revenge by preventing people from believing what she was prophesying. This caused the destruction of Troy by the Greeks because Cassandra, who had warned that it was important not to bring the horse into the city, was not believed by anyone.

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