mortgage his house in Miami and they take away his card

This 2020 is turning into a real hell for Paulina Rubio. And it is that to the legal lawsuits with her ex-husband, Collate Vallejo-Nágera, and the controversial video that the singer starred in a few months ago, now the economic problems. A few days ago, it came to light that the artist has been denounced in a Miami court by a credit company that He claims a debt of about 24,500 euros that the Mexican would have asked for her accumulated expenses.

Now, ‘Informalia’ has revealed that it was American Express the entity that filed the complaint, on October 28. But there is still more. And is that the portal has published that the singer he would have mortgaged his Miami home, a spectacular mansion by the sea valued at more than 6 million euros, located on the Venetian Causeway. In the building, designed by Ricardo Bofill and named Villa Ananda, lives Paulina Rubio with her mother, the Mexican actress Susana Two Lovers, and his two sons, Nico Vallejo-Nágera, as a result of its relationship with Collate, and Eros, which shares with Gerardo Bazúa, with whom he has also ended up in court.

Mexican singer Paulina Rubio.

Hundreds of thousands of euros spent in court

The singer’s financial problems could be due to legal disputes you have with your children’s parents. Paulina would have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyers and it seems that conflicts never come to an end. For example, the artist and Colate have joint custody of Nico, who turned 10 on Saturday, but the Spanish businessman continues to claim sole custody of the child, claiming that his ex suffers from “mental imbalances.”

In that sense, it recently came to light that the child’s parental supervisor and guardian is very concerned for your emotional and mental health, according to his testimony in court, where he recommended that Nico attend psychological therapy. “The boy came to my office a couple of weeks ago and he is a very protective little boy not only with his mother, but also with his father. When we started talking about the problems they have between them, he got very nervous and started lying to me; but not because he doesn’t trust me, that’s normal, but as a defense mechanism. I said it before and I confirm it, he needs individual therapy, a space just for him”, He assured.

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