Moscow, Washington after arrest in Russia

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There is no shortage of sources of tension between the United States and Russia. This time it was on press freedom that the two countries had the opportunity to escape after the controversial arrest in Moscow of an ex-journalist accused of “treason”.

Indeed, a Moscow court ordered Tuesday to place in pre-trial detention for two months Ivan Safronov, a respected former journalist, specialist in space and defense issues and author of embarrassing articles for the Russian army in recent years. He became adviser to the director of the Russian space agency Roskosmos two months ago. Arrested for “treason”, he is suspected by the Russian security services (FSB) of having cooperated with the Czech special services since 2012, which are said to act on behalf of the United States.

US Embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Ross bounced off the news by writing on Twitter on Tuesday night: “Watching Russian journalists being arrested one after the other, it starts to look like a concerted campaign against press freedom. “

What did not fail to react to the Russian Foreign Ministry with a scathing tweet: “Take care of your business!” “

For 20 years, accusations of attacks on press freedom in Russia have been legion. On Monday, a Russian journalist was further fined for “justification of terrorism” because of a column on an anarchist suicide bombing that targeted the FSB.


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