Moses and Peppa Pig: the astonishing speech of Boris Johnson at the conference of the employers’ organization

It is a speech to say the least colorful. At the UK employers’ organization’s annual conference, which took place on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed business leaders to take stock of energy prices, supply problems and the consequences of the pandemic.

To illustrate his point, he invoked two known figures – but very different from each other: Moses and the cartoon character Peppa Pig. “Yesterday I was at the Peppa Pig amusement park. (…) I loved it, it’s really my kind of place. The real lesson to be learned is the creative power of the UK, ”he explained. “Who would have thought that a pig, resembling a hair dryer – or why not a drawing of a hair dryer à la Picasso – rejected by the BBC, would be exported to 180 countries, would have theme parks in the United States? , in China as well as in the New Forest (an English district) and that it would constitute a business which brings in six billion pounds sterling to our country? I think it’s pure genius, Peppa Pig, ”argued Boris Johnson.

Following his speech, which he was satisfied with despite criticism, Boris Johnson called on a new figure. This time he just compared himself to… Moses, drawing a parallel between his plan to modernize the 10 point industry and the 10 Commandments. “I told my assistants that the new 10 Commandments were you will develop industries such as offshore wind, hydrogen, nuclear and carbon capture », Reports The Guardian.

Onomatopoeia and lost speech

His speech, decidedly animated, was also punctuated by onomatopoeias imitating the sound of a car engine. He then lost track of his notes, repeatedly apologizing while turning the pages of his speech. “I think people understood what I wanted to say and that it went well,” he replied to a journalist who asked him if everything was fine after this surprising speech.

This is not really what the opposition thought, which called his performance a “shambles” and considered it “the most embarrassing performance of a Tory prime minister since the questions at the Prime Minister last week ”. According to an official at the Institute of Directors, a professional organization for business leaders, Boris Johnson’s speech was even “inappropriate” at times, reports The Guardian.

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