Moses’ walking stick, Krishnan’s uri costs Rs 2,000; Says Santhosh, who donated the archeology to Monson

Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Sep 28, 2021, 8:53 PM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: Santosh, who gave antiquities to Monson, said that the stick which is claimed to be a part of Moses is not antiquities (Antiques). Santosh’s revelation was made in the Asianet News Hour discussion. Santosh told News Hour that he had sold Monson a walking stick that was only forty to fifty years old and that it was later spread by Monson that this was Moses’ staff.

Santosh said that he had given each item to Monson according to his age and that the stick had been given as a crutch. Santosh added that he collects antiques and runs an antique business and donates materials to the art direction of the film.

Most of the artifacts in Monson’s possession were purchased from Santhosh. But Santosh says he did not get a single rupee for it. When people say they are coming from Qatar and Dubai, they will bring the goods. But I do not know.

Among them was Uri, which Monson claimed was made of wood by his mother Yashoda, as Krishna was a regular eater of butter in the Treta age. Santosh said that it was only 60 years old that he had put butter and butter in an old house and that he himself had given it to Monson. The car was priced at Rs 2,000. Santosh told News Hour that he had sold it saying that it was a normal Uri.

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Monson is not known to have sold any of the items he bought from him. Everything is there. It is learned that he showed the goods and bought money from many people. Monson’s response was that he had seen the introduction of the items in the YouTube video saying that they belonged to Moses and Krishnan, and when asked if it was being used for fraud, he said so out of curiosity. “People should come home to see all this with curiosity,” Monson said.

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The lamp of the Prophet was said to be an earthen lamp used by the Jews. The lamp is at most 100 years old. He donated 78 per cent of the property. Ivory is also counterfeit. Santosh says that fake ivory is an object made of wood or something.

In the last few days, it has come to light that Monson Maungkal has committed crores of rupees in financial frauds under the guise of antiquities. He claimed to be a seller of antiquities dating back centuries. The financial fraud was carried out under the false pretense of having antiquities dealings with members of the UAE royal family.

He claimed to have sold antiquities to the Sultan of Brunei and members of the UAE royal family and to have received Rs 260,000 crore in the deal. He had allegedly bought more than Rs 10 crore from several people on the pretext that there were some hurdles in getting the money out of HSBC Bank and hence it was a temporary necessity. They lodged a complaint after the money was not returned. The fake bank documents used for this came out. Monson used these documents and high connections to commit fraud.

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Monson also bought luxury cars and committed fraud. Bangalore-based businessman Thyagarajan has alleged that he bought eight luxury cars and stole more than Rs 2 crore. Monson did not pay him a penny. Tya Garajan said that Monson’s face fell on Modi. Tya Garajan is preparing to lodge a complaint with the Bem Galuru police.

Monson Maungkal had also misused the name of the Chief Minister to intimidate and defraud the complainants. The audio recording of Monson Mavungal telling the complainant Anoop that the Chief Minister will visit his house in Kochi has come out. Asianet News also received documents that former DGP Loknath Behra had suggested protection for Monson Maungkil’s house.

It is clear from every conversation that Monson has deceived investors and complainants by fabricating unbelievable stories. Mons said permission had been granted to keep the treasure trove of gold and that former police chief Loknath Behra himself would be confronted to assess the security and prepare a big party for them. Monson made the remarks in a conversation with complainant Anup.

Shashi Tharoor is also said to be intervening to resolve economic disputes in Delhi. More evidence and pictures are coming out of Lok Nath Behra’s hospitality and closeness to Monson several times.

Loknath Behra himself asked the intelligence chief to conduct a detailed inquiry into Monson and directed that Monson’s houses in Kochi and Cherthala be guarded. Monson also visited the new police chief a few months ago when he was under suspicion. It remains to be seen what links Monson will have to the highlands.

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