Most expensive cities in Latin America to live: difficult for Colombians

Analyzing the sale price of housing in 80 cities in six countries in the regionMercado Libre revealed the list of those cities in which it is very expensive to live.

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia were the countries that entered this analysis in which tourist cities stood out as the most expensive to live in.

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Many Colombians have shown their intention to leave the country, in fact, there have been cases of people who emigrate in search of a better quality of life, but they do it in ways that are not advisable.

The list of cities that are not recommended for Colombians who do not have a good purchasing power is led by Punta del Estein Uruguay, a coastal area that is a dream for beach lovers.

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Most expensive cities to live in Latin America

To get this ranking, they analyzed the average value of the square meter, which allows knowing the cost of living that the different areas will have. In the case of Punta del Este, the value was 3,174 dollars, which makes it the most expensive.

The Riviera Maya, in Mexico, has an average price of 2,712 dollars, which places it in the second box. Just like Punta del Este, the Riviera Maya is another of the destinations sought by thousands of beach lovers.

The first capital on the list, and the third in the ranking, is Santiago de Chile. For years, many Colombians have been going to Chile looking to improve their living conditions, but the capital does not seem to be an option, because the average price is 2,640 dollars.

This is the complete list of the most expensive cities in Latin America:

1. Punta Del Este (Uruguay): $3,174
2. Riviera Maya (Mexico): $2,712
3. Santiago de Chile (Chile): $2,640
4. Montevideo (Uruguay): US$2,6
5. Vina del Mar (Chile): $2,629
6. Cologne (Uruguay): US$2
7. San Martin de los Andes (Argentina): $2,520
8. Calama (Chile): $2,490
9. Buenos Aires (Argentina): $2,419
10. San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina): $2,253

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