MOST EXPENSIVE gasoline in Mexico; Meet the Profeco LIST of brands with a high PRICE

Who’s who in prices? It is one of the many programs offered prophecy and tries to analyze the purchase and prices of different products and services that are in Mexico with the purpose of regulating prices and providing a wide variety of choice to consumers, preventing abuses. In this note we will reveal what is the Gasoline more expensive in the country and the list of prophecy of the marks con precio further high.

prophecy constantly reports the precio from Gasoline all marks so that consumers do not pay at a cost high and decide who to buy from. On the other hand, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during the morning conference, in the section Who is who?, the attorney stated that until February 9 the price of the Mexican oil mix was 68.21 dollars per barrel, which which increases by precio from Gasoline in all the country. It is important to mention that the precio average of the Gasoline regular is 22.02 pesos per liter, while the Gasoline premium is 24.17 pesos per liter and diesel is 23.55.

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