Most of those killed by coronavirus in New York are Latino

Most of the dead by coronavirus in the city of New York, the most affected of United States by pandemic, son latinos, reported on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the mayor Bill de Blasio.

A Preliminary report indicates that 34% of the 3,602 deaths from covid-19 as of this Wednesday are hispanic, which constitute 29% of the population of the largest American city, with 8.6 million inhabitants.

“Is a disparity flagrant ”, admitted the mayor in Press conference.

He cited as one of the main reasons the language, and announced a new Bell from information about coronavirus in 14 Languages.

But he also spoke of migratory status. “What has happened in the last couple of years has led to many immigrants, especially the undocumented but also to those who have papers, to get away from the places where they would normally look support for O medical attention“, Said the mayor in reference to the anti-immigrant policy of the government of Donald Trump.

The boroughs of Queens and the Bronx, where a large number of immigrant populations live, have the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in New York. Photo: AFP.

A third of the hispanic in New York, approximately one million people are undocumented immigrants without health insurance, according to estimates of the municipal government.

Many of them can’t save quarantine and are forced to continue working as dealers of food, cleaners O babysitters to feed their families. Several fear seeking medical assistance for fear of a deportation.

Most of the deaths in New York have taken place in the districts of Queens and the Bronx, mostly immigrant.

“I think the layer of anti-immigrant rhetoric across the country has implications real for the Health of our community ”, said in the same press conference the Commissioner of Health of New York, the doctor Oxiris Barbot, that is Puerto Rican.

Barbot indicated that the disparity It also obeys the low income of the Hispanic community that forces them to follow working despite the measures of lockdown, at its lowest rate of medical coverage, underlying chronic diseases or their overcrowding in multi-family homes.

As it happens in other cities of the country like Chicago, the coronavirus also affects afroestadounidenses disproportionately in New York, with 28% of deaths, when they constitute 22% of the population.

27% of deaths from covid-19 in New York it occurred between white people (32% of the population) and 7% in asian (14% of the population).


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