Most Popular: Photo of Roger’s Child Harvesting Blasphemy


Popular in HaiBunda Tuesday (20/7/2021):

1. 7 Portraits of Roger Danuarta’s Children, Soaking in Food to Harvest Blasphemy

Roger Danuarta and Cut Meyriska’s child, Shaquille Kaili, looks very adorable in every photo, Mother. However, it turns out that there are some of his latest portraits that make netizens furious, here.

At the time of her first birthday celebration, Shaquille did a photoshoot session with a very cute theme and outfit. However, many netizens consider the theme taken to be very wasteful because of wasting food.

Take a peek at 7 adorable portraits of Shaquille here.

2. Children Keep Calling ‘Papa’ While Playing, Larissa Chou: We Don’t Have Papi

After officially divorcing Alvin Faiz, Larissa Chou decided to move from the pesantren environment with her son, Yusuf. Larissa seemed to focus on her role as a single mom for the growth and development of Yusuf, Mother.

Through her Instagram account, Larisa accidentally recorded Yusuf saying the word ‘Papih’ aka father. Larissa was confused because all this time Yusuf had called his father Abi.

Read the full story kisah here, Butt.

3. ITB Student Claims To Have A Hobby Of Lying But Graduates Cum Laude, Turns Out Her Childhood..

Malikah Najibah suddenly went viral on social media, Mother. This young woman who graduated from ITB is a student majoring in Chemical Engineering who is famous for uploading her graduation video on YouTube.

Malikah is an outstanding student with cum laude predicate, Mother. He later became a master’s degree student in Korea and is currently enrolling for his doctorate. Malikah also shared her childhood story, here.

Click here to read the full article.

4. 15 Eid al-Adha greetings in English, complete with meanings

Happy Eid Al-Adha, Mother. Even though it’s still in a pandemic condition, don’t let Mother miss the Eid al-Adha greetings that will be shared with friends and relatives, okay?

In addition to Indonesian, Mother can share greetings in English, here. The words that you share will definitely be different from the others, you know.

See the sequence of speeches here.

5. 5 Most Purchased Minimalist Home Furniture During a Pandemic, What Are?

The pandemic period has changed everyone’s life system, including in terms of home furnishings, Mother. It turns out that there are some minimalist home furnishings that are sought after and purchased during the pandemic, you know.

Minimalist home furniture may not have been taken into consideration at first. However, several property experts have revealed a variety of furniture that is often purchased during the pandemic, Mother.

Take a peek at 5 types of minimalist home furniture here.



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