Mother and daughter steal items for €1,900 from Shopping Cora stores in Rocourt

On Friday, shortly before 8.30 p.m., a mother and her daughter, both living in the Liège region, were deprived of their liberty while strolling through the “Shopping Cora” shopping mall with a shopping cart full of stolen items. These were mainly beauty products but also decorative items. In total, the amount of the loot amounted to nearly €1,900.

At least six stores, installed in the shopping mall, were damaged. When they were arrested, after yet another theft, the two ladies were quietly pushing their shopping cart through the aisles of the Cora gallery.

After spending a night in a cell at the police station, the mother, in her fifties, and the daughter, almost 30, were both brought to the Liège prosecutor’s office. If the two ladies do not have a criminal record, they are, all the same, well known to the police services for the same type of facts.

Faced with the multiplicity of thefts, the magistrate on duty at the Liège public prosecutor’s office decided to put the file under investigation. He applied for two arrest warrants.

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