Mother “Beam Papangkorn” holds back tears. Revealing the cause of death of the son and the last words we spoke

funeral ceremony of the young protagonist Beam-Papangkorn Rerkchalermpot Passed away peacefully in a private condo mournfully In the midst of a mourning atmosphere where family, adult relatives and close friends both inside and outside the entertainment industry came to attend the event at Thep Lila Temple until the pavilion was filled

before entering the period of religious ceremonies The young hero’s mother Has come out for an interview with the press. along with revealing the cause of his son’s death including the words that I would like to say to Beam Papangkorn

How did the family prepare for today’s ceremony? ?
“There will be a transfer of the younger brother at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and a little mourning for the younger brother. Then at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it will be a funeral. In fact, I would like to thank all the adults, many companies, friends of actors. fellow students I want to thank you all The encouragement you send is very valuable. It shows how much everyone loves Beam.”

mother’s encouragement ?
“Much better. much better Well… I accept the truth. that the sister is not really there I will try to live my life without worrying about my younger siblings.”

Do you yourself still feel enamored about the cause of her death? ?
“I’m not impressed. Mother is the person who meets the sister herself. And the picture that my mother was the one who saw it was that she was sleeping, she was sleeping like every time she really fell asleep. There was nothing wrong at all.”

Have you had any health problems in the past? ?
“Is it the result of Long Covid or not, I’m not sure yet. Really have to wait for results, which is to wait 45 days, but normally, she is a strong person. Exercise. She likes to exercise since childhood. Likes to play football, likes to go to the gym, is strong.”

preliminary autopsy results ?
“The preliminary autopsy results are circulatory and respiratory failure.”

from when he was sick becauseCOVID-19 and lost. This is a play.sportIs it your first time?
“Uh… it’s better to go back and kick the ball for the first time. better use this Because after she disappeared, she went to the gym, but this time was the first kick.”

Beam is usually a strong person. ?
“It’s strong. He was always kicking football with his friends before, before there was covid. Beam, he plays football almost every free day.”

Beam has he recovered from covids for a long time? ?
“My sister was diagnosed with COVID in January.”

after it’s gone Beam, has he ever complained to his mother, perhaps such as feeling like a racer? ?
“Yes, maybe a little tired. Well, he said it wasn’t normal. But it’s because we don’t exercise that it’s cardio. it’s normal Might be more tired than usual.”

from the history of illness Have you ever had heart disease? ?
“Never, not at all.”

Shows that Beam’s health has been normal in the past. ?
“Yes, it’s normal.”

The day your mother met you what happened that day ?
“Actually, we have an appointment. have an appointment in the morning and my mother called my sister I don’t answer the call But usually the younger one is already late. So mom called again in the afternoon. because he thought that in the morning he would not wake up but still not received in the afternoon Then when my mother finished work at 5 o’clock, she went to see him.”

when he doesn’t answer the call Is your mother worried? ?
“I was worried since the afternoon that is that Beam has never been wrong. And if you call after a while, he’ll call you back. But that day was unable to contact, didn’t call back, didn’t read the line.”

The last word that mother spoke to Beam ?
“See you tomorrow.”

What would you like to tell your mother? If he was listening ?
“(trembling) Beam, don’t worry. Everyone will go on with their lives. Let him go in a good world You don’t have to worry about anything.”

Is there anything that your mother intends to share with you? For example, the family’s plans for this year?
“Actually, before you died, it was a family trip that we went on together. We went on a trip for 3 days and 2 nights and my mom came back to drop him off on Tuesday evening. Then my mother couldn’t contact him on Wednesday.”

Beam’s departure this time Makes you see that there are people who love him a lot?
“Mom is very grateful. I really don’t know how much. I really want to thank you. But I don’t know how much is enough. It really heals the hearts of family members.”

I want mom to talk about Beam in the corner of work. How much does he love this profession? From your mother’s eyes?
“Beam is committed to everyone. assignment Beam devoted himself to every task he was given, no matter how difficult it was or something he had never done. He will learn all the time.”

Has he ever complained about giving up on his mother?
“Somewhat tired. But Beam never gives up.”

The day Beam decided to become an actor How did your mother support him?
“Mom supported everything he wanted to do. Mother wanted to live his life to the fullest ever since. And he himself never thought of him as a famous actor. He thought he was just a small person, just a small actor.”

How proud is your mother for this son?
“I’m proud, so proud of him. And after this, there will be another work that has not yet been released. I want everyone to look at him with all their hearts (sobs). This is really his intention, and it’s also his final work.”

Have you ever had a chance to tell him that you were proud of him?
“Tell him all the time, tell him all the time, but he’ll be embarrassed. I like to make funny faces.”

Finally, after completing the religious ceremony What did your mother plan?
“Tomorrow I’m going to make merit for my sister. Because he completed 7 days and went to Loi Tue, near Pak Kret, everything was already prepared.”

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