Mothers of children with cancer exhibit shortage of medicines at CECAN

The shortage of medicines persists in the State Cancer Center of Xalapa, warned mothers of underage cancer patients.

Imelda Velasco, mother of the patient Heriberto, said that the lack of medicines generates uncertainty because the treatments are not carried out as appropriate and there is no date for the drugs

Her son, she said, after surgery for a tumor, requires six cycles of chemotherapy. He was scheduled for July 20, but he had just received treatment.

According to the authorities of the Center, little medicine was bought and the contingency makes it difficult to supply patients.

“The chemo started on April 25, right now it is supposed to take all six, almost leaving, but because there are no medications we do not know what will happen,” he lamented.

Guadalupe Irine, mother of Katherine, a patient with ovarian cancer, explained that her daughter waited a month to receive her treatment.

He stated that he had to receive his chemotherapy on July 20, however, in the absence of etoposide and cisplatin, they rescheduled it for August 20.

“They did the surgery, but it is very important that he continue with his cycles (of chemotherapy); fortunately the medicine arrived, but we do not know if it will continue to be lacking or not ”.

They are originally from Jalacingo, however, they have stayed in Xalapa to be able to attend regularly so that the minor is not excluded from the list of children receiving chemotherapy.

Rosa Isela Galindo, Estefanía’s mother, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, explained that her daughter was also delayed in chemotherapy in August.

The doctors warned him that, if he did not continue chemotherapy, his medical condition could be complicated, a situation that is already occurring, so he will have to undergo medical studies next Sunday.

Originally from Poza Rica, she said that she bought etoposide, cisplatin, ifosfamide, the first of them with a shortage of two months ago, so that the minor could receive her chemo.


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