Motocross scandal: a pilot rolls over a competitor caught in a fall (VIDEO)

This is called losing control! This Saturday, a race was organized in Pas-de-Calais at the famous Enduropale meeting. In Le Touquet, a big accident occurred during the warm-up laps of the competition. Biker 321 then fell to the ground and was pulled from his motorcycle.

Several competitors manage to avoid the man who is on the ground. This is not the case for pilot 322. While stationary, he is seen deliberately rolling over the pilot on the ground. In a press release, the organization decided to seize the French Motorcycling Federation to summon him. “This type of behavior appears for the organization, morally, sportingly and ethically, inadmissible and contrary to the values ​​that we defend. We ask in this respect, that an exemplary sanction be pronounced”, explain the organizers.

La Voix du Nord managed to find the pilot. His name is Tom Maurizi and he is 22 years old. Sunday, he had decided to apologize and tried to explain his gesture “I totally panicked. I’m not good with that, it was not my goal to run over him. Afterwards, I didn’t think that to this during the race.”

The licensee of the Moto club du littoral based in Loon-Plage assures that his gesture was not intentional and that he did not want to injure the pilot. “Someone fell in front of me, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t shift left or right because I didn’t know what was happening. I preferred to accelerate by lifting the front of the bike to don’t hurt him.”

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