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Here Marc Marquez, for the first time since the accident of July 19, the operation of July 21, the return to the saddle of July 26, the second operation, the third, the many speculations. Marc seems relatively calm, tries to keep the traditional optimism, but does not hide the suffering and mistakes made. Marc is not yet the usual: certainly now he is a man and a sportsman more aware of the difficulties.

“I learned that there are many GPs, but the body is only one: I didn’t have this in mind before, now it’s clearer to me”.

Marquez answers all questions, with great calm and clarity: it’s nice to see him again, finally. But to see him back on track, we will have to wait a bit: there are no certainties, Marc confirms that he is not in a hurry.

“I don’t know when I’ll be back – he says immediately – I am always optimistic: my first goal was to return for testing in Qatar. But the doctors told me no. So the next goal will be the first race in Qatar; if it is not possible, I will think about the second and if it is not possible in Portimao. And so on. We must respect what doctors say, based on bone consolidation: when this happens, we will think about recovery “.

Right, but you do you have an idea when you will be running again?

“In mid-March we will do another check: if the bone consolidation goes well, then we will make the decision. The procedure is this: the doctors decide, then I’ll get back on the saddle when I have an acceptable condition; I’ll give you an example: if the doctors tell me that I can run tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to drive at this moment “

What has 2020 taught you?

“We always take a lot of risks and sometimes you try to get back on track as soon as possible: what I’ve learned is that, sometimes, it’s not the best thing to anticipate the return times. In Jerez I made a mistake, a consequence of many things, but the last decision was mine. I also learned that there are many races, but the body is only one ”.

But who was wrong?

“When you win a title, it is a team victory; in the same way, when you make a mistake, you make mistakes all together. Like I said, the last decision was mine, but when you get positive responses from the doctors you want to try. I felt like I could try, but obviously it wasn’t what my body needed. Surely it was a mistake to race in Jerez, but it would also have been a mistake to do so in Brno two weeks later, it would have been too soon… Everyone was wrong, it was a decision taken together: it is useless to point out a culprit. If it happens again in the future, let’s hope not, maybe we need to hear two or three different opinions and then decide calmly “.

Have you already got on a motorcycle?

“No not yet. Yesterday, for the first time, I did half an hour with the racing bike: I’m following what the doctors tell me to do. The visit in early February was positive, we started to intensify the recovery, starting to move muscles that I haven’t used for a long time. As I said, in mid-March I’ll pay another visit and then we’ll see: when I get the green light from the doctors, I’ll need some time to recover an acceptable condition to ride a MotoGP “.

What is the mobility of the arm?

“Good, but I have very little strength. I’m doing some weights, but I don’t lift more than 1 or 2 kg: the doctors have planned this way “.

Percentage at what level are you?

“I don’t know: let’s say 20%”

What is the situation of the radial nerve?

“It has always been good, I have never had nerve problems”.

Why did you wait until December to have the third operation?

“Because the doctors said to do so.”

Mentally, how difficult and complicated was this recovery?

“Physically it was tough, but also mentally, especially between September and October, when there was no improvement due to the infection. We did all the tests, the checks, but all the results were negative, because the infection was very weak. But at the same time, however, the bone couldn’t fuse well. The doctors told me to wait, but the days and weeks went by and there was no improvement. Even in the hospital, after the third operation, it was tough, but now it’s better ”.

Have you ever thought about quitting?


When you get back on track will we see the usual Marquez?

“In the meantime, I will only be back on track when the doctors tell me that a possible fall will not be a problem for my arm: you cannot pilot thinking you will hurt yourself due to a slip … then it will be a gradual process: the first goal is to have fun again, then regain speed and return to the previous Marquez. I don’t know how long it will take: Honda in 2020 respected me a lot, it gave me great peace of mind. When we signed the four-year contract, the goal was to try and win four titles; if it is not possible we will try to win three ”.

Mir, however, said that you are the favorite for the title …

“It’s nice that the opponents think so, but given what happened in 2020 there are many candidates. Mir is the world champion, it is he who must defend the title: today it is not my problem to be the favorite.

Did Dr. Costa say he was a little disappointed not to have been contacted?

“I have an excellent relationship with Doctor Costa and great consideration for what he has done for motorcycling, but during these months many have speculated without knowing the real situation. Costa, for example, said it was necessary to put a nail instead of the plate, but it was not possible for previous operations done on the shoulder. Dr. Mir and his team did the operation well, the mistake was to force. Then there was the infection and after that we decided that it would be better for my head and arm to have an operation in Madrid. But Mir remains my trusted doctor, one who has done great things for me. “


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