Mountain in Ponce displaced by earthquakes

The aftermath of the earthquakes that occurred in the southern part of Puerto Rico more than a year ago continue to affect various areas of daily life, as evidenced yesterday in a public hearing by the Development Commission of the South and Central Region of the Senate, chaired by the district legislator, Ramoncito Ruiz Nieves.

In the same, a section of the PR-9 highway was examined, which was affected by three landslides of a nearby mountain, which in turn created a promontory of about 125 linear meters, caused by the landslide of about 500,000 cubic meters of land. , which affects said public road.

At the hearing, where personnel from the Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT) were summoned, Dr. Luis Irizarry Pabón, mayor of Ponce, also attended. The hearing was held by virtue of Senate Resolution 43, which provides said commission to carry out the necessary investigations on the conditions of infrastructure, housing, tourism and education, among others. “What we are looking for is a viable solution and we thank the engineers Edwin González and Luis Vélez for their assistance. They promised to present a report in the next ten days, with details of the work to be carried out, ”explained Ruiz Nieves, who also chairs the Senate Government Committee.

“Said report must also include the costs related to addressing the issue, since there are three landslides to geological faults that have developed in this area of ​​PR10 with PR9 and PR 123. This is a project that in its stabilization phase can take more than six months ”, added the legislator. He also mentioned that it is expected that the connector is open for October, “since the landslide is not an impediment to open the section from Baramaya to PR10”.

The senator also mentioned that the Development Commission of the South and Central Region is working with other cases related to public roads, in an effort to contribute as much as possible to their reconstruction and rehabilitation. “Our southern area has suffered enormously from the earthquakes and these projects must be accelerated. Our commitment is aimed at that ”, concluded Ruiz Nieves.


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