Mountain of defaults

The government should cut the agony of Interjet’s workers, suppliers and customers. The airline has lost viability. The problems of this company did not begin with the pandemic and the economic crisis, they only became much more serious, possibly insurmountable. Until now they had more or less managed to hide them with a good management of public relations and the contacts of their owners, who say that everything is fine and will be fixed.

Yet for months the owners and managers of Interjet have repeatedly failed to deliver on their promises. The most recent to the workers, who had been paid one of the four fortnights they owed on Friday.

The collective action on behalf of more than four thousand affected by Profeco did not occur by spontaneous generation. Ricardo Sheffield says that on at least five occasions the airline representatives have promised him, and have failed to comply, to pay fines that exceed 38 million pesos.

They always promise them that everything will be fine and that they will pay, the same they told the workers after they closed the public highway to try to collect what they are entitled to. They lied to them. ASSA appealed to the courts on Friday to try to charge Interjet more than one billion pesos owed to them for fuel, since beyond the repeated promises of payment they have not fulfilled.

It is not true that covid-19 is responsible for the situation. The omissions in the payment of taxes and other services date back to 2013 and hence the SAT has had to intervene in its cash register since 2019 to guarantee compliance with its tax obligations. It is false that workers cannot be paid for the intervention of the savings bank. By law, the institution that Raquel Buenrostro commands guarantees that if there is money, the payment to the workers is complied with.

It is also a lie that the SAT is blocking the capitalization raised by Antonio del Valle and Carlos Cabal Peniche through an investment fund for about 150 million dollars. According to the law, the injection of resources can be done. The law prevents the sale of shares, but not that they grow thanks to new contributions.

Capitalization is the best way to solve airline problems. The reality is that there is no obstacle for it to take place, they would only have to hold a shareholders’ meeting. There is mode, it seems that you win no.

So far, the owners of Interjet are the Alemán family, who as jointly responsible made an informal offer to pay by contributing their property, however, it was a different way of not paying.

They put the property known as Balandra, in Baja California Sur. This is one more attempt to delay payment since it is a non-marketable property in an ecological zone. In addition, the city council of La Paz maintains a lawsuit for the property of the property. They also offered the Rancho Girasol, in San Miguel de Allende. SAT sources explained to the NOT that the offer was informal and that so far they have not credited the property.

The white-collar public relations campaign has reached out to legislators and aims to sympathize with opinion leaders, but the backlog of breaches and lies is higher. The truth is that not even offering the two properties is enough to pay the debt.

It would be great if those who practice a substitute journalism had learned their lesson, but the Father of Superior Analysis he doesn’t think they have the ability.

A very small group of communicators made a montage on alleged irregularities of Jesús Seade as a public servant. It is unlikely that they have fallen as rookies in a friendly fire campaign, rather they got on a train because some of their holy men created the lie because of how they like the T-MEC negotiator.

They invented that Seade had nailed resources from the SRE for personal travel and who knows how many more illegal ones. Wikipedia, in an irresponsible way and faithful to its customs, accepted the information as good without the right to reply. None of them waited for the investigation, they convicted without evidence.

Now that the SRE’s Internal Control Body has determined that there was no irregularity, are they at least going to apologize for the lies? Will the social network withdraw the article that they defended without arguments because the moral thugs described it as a journalistic piece?


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