Mourinho returns to Old Trafford a year after his dismissal

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"The truth is in the whole," he said Mourinho at the end of August 2018 while his aura was darkened in Manchester then fall 0-3 against the Tottenham in Old Trafford. The Portuguese made an appointment of the German philosopher Hegel, arguing that you have to wait until the end to give your opinion and that you should consider your entire curriculum when evaluating your career. His application of the idea was not exactly what Hegel intended, but it is pertinent in his I return to the Theater of Dreams.

The Portuguese he has won his first three games in charge of Tottenham in his first fortnight at the helm and arrives transformed and revitalized. Full of victories, climbing from the 14th to the 5th place and catapulting a team that seemed numb. His figure contrasts with the isolated and abandoned man who left Old Trafford through the back door a year ago and in which he will return for the first time since he was fired.

"Neither villain nor enemy"

The Portuguese then resisted the temptation to shoot at the wreckage of the decline of the ship and, instead, held out a friendly hand that fans have not forgotten "Red Devils & rdquor ;, who three weeks ago still chanted his name. "I'm not an villain not an enemy of Manchester United & rdquor ;, insisted Mourinho.

Now expect a "good reaction & rdquor; welcome and, honoring his new nickname "The Humble One & rdquor ;," The Humble & rdquor ;, remember melancholic that “Old Trafford was a place where I was happy & rdquor ;. He says his time in Manchester, where he reached a Europa League, a League Cup and a Community Shield in two and a half years, is a "closed chapter."

Mourinho appeared at the previous press conference of the match half an hour earlier. If he catches United's defense off guard in the same way he did with the London press, his team will give a significant step towards the European squares and will smell the fourth position of another of his ex, the Chelsea.

Solskjaer, against the ropes

And, in passing, it depends on how the meeting ends, you can give a death touch to his successor, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Before the press, Mourinho only dedicated good words to the Norwegian and disappointed the audience that he expected a dissection and analysis of the Solskjaer reign. However, nobody knows better who can push it closer to the exit door.

In Old Trafford the words of the Portuguese are remembered when they look at their Tottenham: "The truth is in the whole." Is this the true Mourinho team? Did the 11 months help you without training to realize that you cannot continue building your successes without amending the mistakes From the past?



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